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Volební arény, obvody a regionální oblasti.

Poznámka k výběru a pojetí teritoriálních jednotek analýzy volebního chování ve víceúrovňových uspořádáních


Electoral Arenas, Districts, and Regional Areas: 

A Comment on Choosing and Defining Territorial Units of Analysis of Electoral Behaviour in  Multi-Level Settings


Maxmilián Strmiska (strmiska@fss_muni_cz)



The article comments upon choosing and defining territorial units of analysis in the study of elections in multi–level institutional settings. The issue seems to be quite important because of an increasing demand put on both intra–level and across–levels comparability of electoral data. The article discuss some research implications and consequences of the use of the concepts of electoral arena, voting district and regional area for assessing of the territorial congruence and/or homogeneity of electoral behavior within as well as among (horizontally) and/or between (vertically) electoral arenas.  


Keywords: elections; analysis; electoral arena; regional area; multi–level settings.

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