Krajské volby v České republice v kontextu konceptu voleb druhého řádu. Analýza vybraných aspektů voleb do krajských zastupitelstev v letech 2000–2008

Regional elections in the Czech Republic in the context of the concept of second-order elections. An analysis of selected aspects of elections to the regional assemblies in the period 2000-2008

Vlastimil Havlík (havlik@fss_muni_cz)
Libor Hoskovec (hoska@mail_muni_cz)

The article aims to ascertain the level of regional elections importance for the electors of the Czech Republic. As the framework of the analysis, the authors chose Reif and Schmitt’s concept of second-order elections and their conclusions became the groundwork for setting the hypotheses that were later on verified by virtue of the election data and results of regional elections. 

Regional elections, concept of second-order elections, voter turnout, Czech Republic, political parties

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