Návrhy volební reformy a posun ve volebním inženýrství v České republice
Proposals for electoral reform and the shift in the electoral engineering in the Czech Republic

Jakub Šedo (sedo@fss_muni_cz)

The article briefly summarizes the development of the discussion about the reform of the electoral system for the House of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. There are identified two periods. For the first period (1990s – beginning of the 21st century) the attempts to strengthen the position of the major parliamentary parties at the expense of the smaller parties were typical. It should lead to the more stable government with smaller number of the parties in the governing coalition. In the second period of the debate, which started after the 2006 elections, the most favored method for the stabilization of the governments was changed. The outcomes of the elections should be more proportional for the smaller parties, but the winning party should get some “bonus seats”.

Electoral reforms, electoral engineering, Czech Republic, House of Deputies

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