Geografie volební podpory KDU-ČSL 1920 – 2010[1]

Petr Voda

This article deals with the electoral support of the Czechoslovakian People’s Party and its successor Christian Democratic Union - Czechoslovakian People’s Party in general elections since 1920 till 2010. Spatial patterns and stability/change of electoral support are described. Bivariate statistical methods and GIS methods are employed to better examination and visualization of matter of study. The analysis is made on districts courts level, thus all data are transformed to the situation of 1930.The results show South Eastern Moravia and Vysočina region as areas with traditional and high support for the KDU-ČSL. The correlation of electoral is high through the whole period, especially in times of the first republic. Elections in 2002 are the only exception, because KDU-ČSL made the coalition with Union of Freedom.

Keywords: electoral support, Czechoslovakian People’s Party, electoral geography, area of electoral support

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[1] Tento text byl zpracován jako součást výzkumného projektu Politické strany a reprezentace zájmů v současných evropských demokraciích (kód MSM0021622407)