Introducing CODER: an on-line database of electoral results

Otto Eibl (eibl@fss_muni_cz)

This paper introduces CODER, an on-line analytical software and database tool for the study of elections and their results. It contains electoral data from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe from 1990 to the present and allows analyses of three basic types: synchronic, diachronic and a combination of the two. In inputting a multistep query, the user filters the data, thus receiving a highly personalized output which only contains information he requested (the output can be immediately broadened through hyperlinks). The first part of this text consists of a technical description of the application. The second part is dedicated to a simple example: a case study of electoral behaviour of the voters in the Czech Republic, which demonstrates a practical application of the programme, including links to third-party software.  

Elections, analytical software, database, Central and Eastern Europe

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