Na imigrantské vlně – volby do Folketingu v roce 2007
On an immigration wave – The Folketing Elections 2007

Vlastimil Havlík (havlik@fss_muni_cz)  

This article desribes the 2007 general election in Denmark. The  election ended with a narrow win for the governing right-centre coalition of Liberal and Conservative Party and its parliamentary ally the Danish People’s Party. The electoral contest was a triumph for the Socialist People’s Party and to a lesser degree the Danish People’s Party. The major loser of the election was Social Liberal Party, Social democracy also recorded losses. The New Alliance became a new parliamentary party. The new government coalition is composed of the Liberal and Conservative Party which are supported by the Danish People’s Party.

Denmark, election, Venstre, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, New Alliance, Dansk Folkeparti, Socialdemokratiet i Danmark

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