Parlamentní volby na Islandu 2009: historické vítězství levice

Pavel Maškarinec (maskarinec@centrum_cz)

This article deals with the election to the Icelandic parliament (Alting) held on the 25th April 2009. This election were interesting for four reasons. Firstly, the Independence Party, the most successful Icelandic party ever, achieved its worst results since 1923. Secondly, for the first time in history the two left-wing parties, the Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Greens had obtained majority of votes and seats and set up majority government. Thirdly, the Liberal Party after ten years fell out of the parliament, and fourthly, new party – Civic Movement entered parliament and confirmed the shift of the Icelandic electorate to the left.

Iceland, Alting, Elections, Political Parties, Party System

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