Výzkum volební soutěže a stranických soustav ve víceúrovňových uspořádáních: Poznámka k výběru pojmového rámce

Maxmilián Strmiska (strmiska@fss_muni_cz)



The article deals with the choice of a conceptual framework for description and analysis of party configurations in multi-level institutional settings. It discusses some preconditions and consequences of application of two possible organizing concepts: the multi-level party system and/or the multi-level set of party arrangements. It argues that conceptualization of the multilayered party system has always been very complicated task. Moreover, in the case of markedly diversified inter-party competitions this concept appears to be of little use. The more suitable option seems to be to begin with a description of party configurations stemming from electoral contests at different institutional levels without any presumption that these configurations necessarily form (or belong to) a single over-arching party system. They could and should be conceived as parts of a multi-level set of party arrangements. This approach enables sophisticated assessments of systemic properties of varied groups of party configurations.


Key words

party system; set of party arrangements; party competition; multi-level settings; elections