Jens versus Jensenová. Norské parlamentní volby 2009

Vlastimil Havlík (havlik@fss_muni_cz)



Jens vs. Jensen. The 2009 parliamentary elections in Norway. The results of the 2009 elections to the Norwegian parliament (Storting) gave majority to the left-centre political parties and enabled forming of the second consecutive coalition cabinet of social democrats, socialists and centrists (former agrarians) led by Jens Stoltenberg. The Progress party led by Siv Jensen finished in second place and managed to keep the position of the strongest right-centre party. The article which tries to analyze the elections is divided into four main parts. The first part is focused on description of the electoral system, the second part offers a short overview of the situation efore the elections. The third part aims at analyzing the results of the elections and the final part focuses on possible consequences of the elections in the context of evolution of the Norwegian party system.


Key words

Norway; elections; electoral system; Storting; electoral geography; social democracy; the Progress party; Jens Stoltenberg; Siv Jensen; party system; coalition government