Volební geografie a parlamentní volby v České republice 2010


Czech Parliamentary Elections 2010 and Electoral Geography


Vojtěch Navrátil (venyvlt@centrum_cz)



The purpose of this analysis is to find an answer to the question of where relevant political parties in the 2010 Czech parliamentary elections garnered the greatest support. The research subject will thus be the distribution of support for the eight main parties (ČSSD, ODS, TOP 09, KSČM, VV, KDU-ČSL, SPOZ and Suverenita). The parties that participated in the previous parliamentary elections in 2006, are also examined in changes of the electoral maps that have occured two last parliamentary elections. Electoral results are used and these are aggregated at the level of the county.



area of electoral support, Czech republic, electoral geography, parliamentary election 2010