Federální volby 2010 – kořeny národnostních sporů a jejich reflexe v politickém systému Belgie


Federal Elections 2010—National Cleavages in Political System of Belgium


Eva Homolová (homolova@rpic-vip_cz)


The aim of the article „Federal election 2010—national cleavages in political system of Belgium“ is to examine June 2010 federal election results in one of Benelux country. Belgian political system is traditionally consociational but increasing importance of national and linguistic cleavages makes political negotiations more complicated in recent decades. Particularly the judgement of Belgian Constitutional Court regarding the electoral law in Brussels—Halle—Vilvoorde electoral district represents existing disparities. The victory of New Flemish Alliance and success of political parties which struggle for greater regional autonomy confirmed the tendency to further federalization.



Belgium, federal elections, Flemish region, Walloon region, Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde