The 2010 Slovak Elections in the Light of Previous Results

Michal Pink (mpink@email_cz)


This article describes and analyses the Slovak parliamentary elections in 2010. The main focus is on the stability and variability of electoral support for each political party. The impact of new political parties, Most/Híd and Sloboda and Solidarita, on the party system is also detailed in the paper. Correlation analysis and the analysis of variability are used to analyze election results. One section of the text consists of a chapter describing voter participation in the election.



Slovakia, elections, Rober Fico,  Iveta Radičová, 2010, Slovak National Council


This text has been prepared as part of postdoctoral grant supported by the GACR – Political Regionalism in the Czech and Slovak Republics and Changes in Voting Maps 1993 – 2010, No. 407/09/P042.


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