Volební podpora ČS(D)SD (KDU)-ČSL, KSČ(M) a ODS v prostoru dnešního Libereckého kraje v letech 1920–1935 a 1996–2010: Kontinuita či diskontinuita voličských vzorců?

The electoral support of the ČS(D)SD, (KDU)-ČSL, KSČ(M), and ODS in the contemporary Liberec Region in the years 1925-1935 and 1996-2010. The continuity or discontinuity of the electoral patterns?

Pavel Maškarinec (maskarinec@centrum_cz)


This study deals with the continuity of the electoral support in Liberec Region. Eight parliamentary elections which were realized between 1925 and 2010, are examined here. The basic level of the analysis is the level of municipalities. There are used statistics and comparative methods for explanation of electoral support. The method of the study is based on analysing the spatial variability of electoral results, time-space stability of voting patterns, and research of stability/instability of the territorial support (an area of electoral support), which shows municipalities  where the particular parties are successful in the long term. There was found that continuity of the electoral support differs in the case of particular parties, and the most significant continuity of the electoral support has been discovered in the case of the Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People‘s Party.



Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Liberec Region, elections, electoral geography, political parties, electoral behaviour, voting patterns, spatial variability, area of electoral support


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