Vybrané problémy kvantitativního výzkumu stability stranických systémů a jejich možná řešení

Jakub Šedo (sedo@fss_muni_cz)



The paper deals with selected questions which are connected with party system stability calculation based on the Pedersen index of volatility. Problems of the category of the “other” parties, independent candidates and members of the parliament, identification of continuity and discontinuity of political parties are discussed. For the “other” parties three alternatives of calculation are identified, two of them are favoured and the remaining is found unsatisfactory for the methodologically correct calculation of the index. In case of the independents there are four alternatives. The methodologically most preferable alternative is found too complicated for the data collection, out of the other alternatives the choosing of most preferable alternative must be based on the goal of the research whether the independents would be seen as one phenomenon persisting in the respective party system, or could be omitted in the calculation. In case of the difference between “old” and “new” parties there are several complications which could be solved only partly and there would be always some cases which needed to be explained and solved individually regarding the specifics of the party system development.



party system stability, volatility, independent candidates, unknown parties, new parties, party replacement, Pedersen index



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