Vítězství s příchutí hořkosti. Parlamentní volby ve Švédsku v roce 2010

Vlastimil Havlík


The Bitter Taste of a Victory. The 2010 Parliamentary Election in Sweden. The parliamentary elections which were held in Sweden in September 2010 can be characterid by several never-before-seen moments. The electoral support of the Social democratic party dropped to the lowest level since the 1911 elections despite the fact that a new leftist pre-electoral alliance including the social democrats, the leftist socialists and the greens was formed. At the same time, the Moderates reached the best electoral result in the last one hundred years. On the other hand, the electoral support of other right-wing parties dropped. For the first time in history, the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration and right-wing populist party secured enough votes to get over the electoral support. After the elections, no one of the two blocs gained majority in the parliament which led to the continuation of the right-centre government, this time in the minority position.


Sweden, elections


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