Pozícia volieb v kontexte demokratizácie: prípad Egypta

Michal Mochťak 


The paper analyses and evaluates the influence of elections and electoral reforms on the process of democratization in Egypt.  It interprets the transformation of authoritative regime of Hosni Mubarak in the last stage of its existence and recognizes crucial events in the modern Egyptian history that are related to the monopolization of power, through the control of elections and electoral arena. The period is characterized by the privatized democratic transformation and limited competition in the public space. The study tries to answer the questions what is the position of election in the cycle of legitimization of power and what are the patterns of electoral competition after 2011 revolutionary events. It suggests that the new elites and strong position of army in political arena deform the public space in a very similar way as Mubarak’s regime did.  

Key words:

Egypt; election; democratization; Mubarak; Muslim Brotherhood;

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