Regionální stranická soutěž ve víceúrovňových uspořádáních: nové přístupy, nová agenda výzkumu?

Maxmilián Strmiska


The essay reflects upon recent trends in the inquiry into regional party competition in multi–level settings. It argues that there have been significant shifts in the research agenda. There is a growing consensus on a de–nationalisation of the approaches traditionally used in the party research as well as on a development of multiple points of reference in the study of regional party and electoral phenomena. However, the picture is a messy one, that of co–existence of variegated views and approaches in the context of persisting blind spots and of an underdevelopment of theory building. New discussions should be fostered in order to change this situation. The author suggests paying more attention to underestimated and/or overlooked issues such as those of conceiving of multi–level arrangements and of their spaces of electoral and party competition. It would be also useful to reassess the European (predominantly West European) research agenda with respect to approaches and analytical frameworks developed in other geopolitical contexts.

Key words:

Party competiton; regional elections; multi–level settings; research; theory building.

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