Vztah mezi vahou ústavních pravomocí prezidentů a volební účasti

(Connection between Constitutional Power of the President and Election Turnout)

Pavlína Šedová (sedovap@mail_muni_cz)


The article deals with a connection between constitutional power of the president in the political system and election turnout in the presidential and parliamentary elections in the former communist states. The aim of this paper is to confirm/falsify the thesis that with the decreasing constitutional power of the president fall the turnout in the presidential election and vice versa. For this purpose author use quantitative method of L. K. Metcalf and modifies the method of R. Dinkel. In conclusion the author claims that it is not possible to confirm above mentioned connection and it is preferable to observe the real power of the president.

Key words: 

president, election, election turnout, former communist states

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