Obrat vpravo: Islandské parlamentní volby 2013

Pavel Maškarinec (maskarinec@centrum_cz)


This article deals with the election to the Icelandic parliament (Althingi) held on the 27th April 2013. This election was interesting for several reasons. Firstly, the Independence Party, the most successful Icelandic party ever, achieved its second worst result since 1923. Secondly, the Progressive Party has seen a significant increase, the highest since 1979, which brought center-right parties an absolute majority of votes and secured them a majority of seats in the Althingi. Thirdly, elections resulted in a complete decline for the Icelandic left. Social Democratic Alliance, winner of the 2009 elections, has lost more than half of its voters (the largest single drop in the Icelandic electoral history), and similar loss recorded Left-Green Movement – social democrats coalition partner. The article describes electoral system, situation before the election and analyses election results. The results of the 2013 election are compared with the results of the 2009 parliamentary election.

Key words: 

Iceland; Althingi; Parliamentary elections; Political parties; party system

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Tento text vznikl v rámci projektu „Severská politika I.“, který byl financován z prostředků na institucionální výzkum FF UJEP v roce 2013.