Koncept ke zkoumání volebních podvodů: Případová studie ruských parlamentních voleb 2011

Ivan Jarabinský (389860@mail.muni.cz)


The aim of this article is to create a concept for a research of election frauds which would be able to respond to the limits of the recent interpretation of this term. For achieving this goal it is necessary to accept the term election fraud which reduce the most of its possible limits. Then the new concept can be created. Hence, the research questions is: How will the concept reacting to this definition look like? This question is answered through the use of the instrumental case study of Russian elections to State duma which took place on the 4th December 2011. The quantitative content analysis is used here for the categorization of the official complaints about violations of electoral process submitted to the electoral commissions of the subjects of the Russian Federation. 

Key words: 

electoral fraud, electoral integrity, conceptualization, Russia, State duma, elections

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Text byl zpracován v rámci projektu specifického výzkumu Katedry politologie FSS MU „Volby, politické strany a prosazování zájmů“ (kód MUNI/A/0742/2012). Tento příspěvek vychází z poznatků z autorovy diplomové práce na téma: Volební podvody: Případová studie ruských parlamentních voleb 2011.