Politics of Electoral Reforms in Post-Communist Countries. Advantage of backwardness?

Stanislav Balík – Jan Holzer

Focus on elections: Remarks on the Contemporary Methodology for Classifying Non-Democratic Regimes

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Roman Chytilek – Jakub Šedo

How the Tailor of Marrakesh Suit Has Been Altered: Advantage Ratio as a Tool in Post-Communist Electoral Reforms Research

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Jean-Benoit Pilet – Jean-Michel De Waele

Electoral Reforms in Romania Towards a Majoritarian Electoral System?

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Lukáš Linek – Pat Lyons

Do the options offered help determine the answers given? The impact of response option effects on answers to party closeness questions in two post-European Election Surveys, 2004

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Snejana Sulima

The Politics of Electoral Reforms in Post-Communist Countries The 6 March 2005 Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova

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Martin Kozák

Latvian Parliamentary Elections 2006 – Stabilization of the Party System? (in czech)

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Otto Eibl

Report on  Report on "Parliamentary Elections and Party Landscape in the Visegrád Countries" Workshop (in czech) 

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