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Conference invitation: HOW TO COMMUNICATE POLITICS

We would like to invite you to the international conference “HOW TO COMMUNICATE POLITICS” to be held November 22-23 2010 at the Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

The conference aim is to combine theoretical and practical approach to the political communication, political marketing and public relations research and practice and gather academics and professionals not only from the CEE region.

The conference program includes keynote speech by professor Maarek, two academic panels, expert workshops with campaign experienced practitioners, who will share their experience in small selected groups, and students colloquium.

The keynote speaker is professor Phillipe Maarek, Université Paris Est - UPEC, Director of the Centre Comparative Studies in Political and Public Communication (Centre d'Etudes Comparées en Communication Politique et Publique).

As part of conference we organize colloquium for political communication and marketing students to be chaired by Jesper Stromback (professor in journalism and political communication at Mid Sweden University and the Centre for Political Communication Research) for political communication and marketing students. We welcome applications of PhD and MA students, who would like to discuss their thesis or dissertation projects within the field of political communication and political marketing.

The conference is organized by the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Studies Masaryk University in cooperation with The International Institute of Political Science, The Institute for Comparative Political Research  and  The Political Marketing Group CEE.



Program: petrova@fss_muni_cz

Information and registration: schutz@iips_cz

Applicants for students program: soukenik@fss_muni_cz