Aneta Valterová: Manifestations of corporatism in the Czech Republic

This paper examines the (possible) existence of corporatist features of the political system of the Czech Republic. Some attributes of the Czech interest representation system may be, at least formally, regarded as corporatist: above all the existence of a tripartite body for consultations between the state and social partners (The Council of Economic and Social), which provides the main interest groups some acces to the decision making process, and the hierarchical structure of trade unions and employers' organizations. The paper compares the case of the Czech Republic with two concepts of tripartism of corporatism in Central and Eastern Europe: David Ost's "illusory corporatism" and Stephan Padgett's "corporatism without tripartism". The aim of the paper is to asses to what extent does the Czech Republic differ from the other Central and Eastern European Countries and to discuss to what extent can be the Czech interest intermediation system regarded as corporatist.

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