Kontinuita či diskontinuita voličských vzorců? Volební podpora KSČ a KSČM v prostoru dnešního Olomouckého kraje v období 1929 – 1935 a 1996 – 2002

The Continuity or the Discontinuity of the Electoral Constellations? The Electoral Support of KSČ and KSČM in Contemporary Olomouc Region in the Years 1929 – 1935 and 1996 – 2002


Stanislav Balík (balik@fss_muni_cz)


The paper tries to show how the electoral behavior in the municipalities of Olomouc Region in the parliamentary elections 1929-2002 has changed. Author tries to use the Pearson Correlation and the method of the research of stability/instability of the territorial support. There was found almost no continuity in electoral behavior at the level of municipalities.

Keywords: electoral behavior, continuity, discontinuity, micro system analysis, quantitative analysis, Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, Olomouc Region

(the full version is downloadeble zde  here)

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