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Prezidentské volby v Polsku v roce 2005

The Presidential Elections in Poland in 2005


Martina Miklová (40050@mail.muni.cz)


This paper deals with the Polish presidential elections in 2005, which were held 14 days after the parliamentary elections. The author characterizes the electoral system and concentrates on the two main presidential candidates – Lech Kaczyński and Donald Tusk, who are representatives of substantially opposing political parties – PiS and PO. This article compares the roles of Tusk and Kaczyński in the political order before 1989, in the90’s and at present. Special focus is given to the campaign, the preferences, the results and the disproportion. Finally, the author analyses the position of the new president Kaczyński and the impact of his election on politics.

Keywords: Poland, presidential elections, main candidates, political parties

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