Název článku:

Proporcionalita zastoupení a navrstvující smíšené volební systémy

Proportionality of Representation and Superposition Mixed Electoral Systems


Jakub Šedo (sedo@fss_muni_cz)


This article describes different quantitative methods, which indicate proportionality of the political parties’ representation. The analysis is focused on the question, how to measure proportionality profiles in the countries, where superposition mixed electoral system (Mixed-Member Majoritarian system) is used. Two potential alternatives, which are identifiable in existing research, one based on the measure of all seats and votes from the list tier, and one based only on the separate counting for the nominal and the list tier, are insufficient in some cases. We propose an alternative solution, dividing the ratio of all seats for a party by the sum of weighted proportion of the ratio of the votes in both tiers. The advantages and disadvantages of this solution are demonstrated on the example of the Lithuanian elections.

Keywords: Mixed electoral systems, Proportionality profiles, Elections, Quantitative indicators, Lithuanian electoral system.

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