Ph.D. Colloquium: 1st international Ph.D. colloquium: The Methodological Struggle and Political Marketing

Venue: Faculty of Social Science, Masaryk Univesity, Jostova 10, Brno, Czech Republic

Date October 7 2009

We would like to invite you to take a part in the 1st International Ph.D. colloquium in Brno. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your Ph.D. thesis with the most well-known scholars in the field of political marketing and get their feedback. If you are interested in participating, please send us a 2-page project proposal by August 15, 2009. It can either cover a specific methodological problem you are facing, or briefly introduce the whole concept of your work. The topic of your Ph.D. must relate to the discipline of political marketing or political communication. The programme is open for 10 participants.

The colloquium is guided by Robert Ormrod, Ph.D. and Stephan Henneberg, Ph.D.

No fee

Contact person: Otto Eibl, eibl@fss_muni_cz