European dimension of political parties and of political pluralism

The working group “European Dimension of Political Parties and of Political Pluralism” takes up a comparative perspective on the transformations of political parties in the accelerating process of European integration. This process created an opportunity for European political parties to claim a more important role in the overall  European political process. The group is mainly focused on the shape of national political party systems influenced/transformed by the Europeanization of political parties, their connection to national party structures, as well as to potential role modifications of national and European political parties in the capacity of mediators of interests and agents in the process of European institutions’ political legitimacy strengthening. The second level of the working group’s research work is comprised of the study of organized interests. At the basis of qualitative data analysis, political strategies together with political impact on the existence of both national and transnational interest groups on the political process are identified.

Members of the working group: