Working group PARTIES

The activities of this working group focus mainly researching political parties and party systems in the EU countries, and some cases outside the EU.  Emphasis is placed on the development and functioning of political parties within a given system, and the Europeanization of political parties. Other research examines the interaction between individual political actors at various institutional levels.

Research on the European aspect of political parties represents problem and a challenge for researchers. The question arises of whether to regard a European Union political faction as a political party in the fullest sense, or approach it as a grouping comprising the national political parties. This question logically leads to the next question: whether there actually exists a political party system in the EU.

The models for the functioning at the European level of multi-level governance are different from the models usually found at the national levels. The difference lies mainly in a minimal connection to the voter, and the fact that real European elections basically do not exist. Euro-representatives are elected within the territory of the national state only, and the campaigns are dominated by national themes.

Attention is devoted to the influence of Europeanization of political parties on the nature of national political party systems, their integration into supra-national party structures, as well as potential changes in the role of national and European political parties as intermediaries between interests and political actors in the process of strengthening the political legitimacy of European institutions.

 The aim of this working group is to characterize and clarify these processes, and provide an answer to the question of how political representation and the transmission of interests are accomplished on a European level.

group leader

doc. PhDr. Vít Hloušek, Ph.D.
group members prof. PhDr. Petr Fiala, Ph.D. 
prof. PhDr. Maxmilián Strmiska, Ph.D.
doc. PhDr. Jan Holzer, Ph.D. 
doc. PhDr. Lubomír Kopeček, Ph.D.
doc. PhDr. Stanislav Balík, Ph.D.
PhDr. Petr Kaniok, Ph.D.