Publication: Conflict vs. Consensus

hlousek2008_s150.jpgConflict vs. Consensus: Cleavages, Party Systems, and Political Parties in Austria 1860-2006.

Vít Hloušek


This publication examines the formation and development of the party system in Austria. It takes up the issue in a historical perspective from its very beginnings in the 1860s to the present. The book is an attempt at a comprehensive application of political science approaches, especially the concept of cleavages, and Sartorian analysis of the formats and types of political party system and society among our southern neighbors.

The monograph was published by the International Institute of Political Science, Masaryk University.

Reviewed by doc. PhDr. Ladislav Cabada Ph.D., doc. PhDr. Jan Holzer, Ph.D., doc. PhDr. Blanka Říchová, CSc.