Evropská volební studia

volby_06___ISPO.gifCDK Publishers’, as part of the ISPO series, has now published the volume Elections to the Chamber of Deputies in 2006, edited by D. Čaloud, T. Foltýn, V. Havlík, and A. Matušková.

The publication presents eleven chapters analyzing the various aspects of the 2006 elections: development of party political system in 2002-2006, the importance of “European” themes in the identity and election platforms of political parties, the role of public opinion poles, the role of media in the campaign and the influence of political marketing on the methods of organizing political campaigns, candidates and the methods by which  ballots are assembled, electoral geography, effects of the electoral system on election results themselves, the mechanical effects of electoral systems, and post-election events from the perspective of coalition theory.