Vyšlo: Volební komplexy zemí V4


Establishing a new view in political science of the spatial and institutional aspects of electoral behaviour and party competition in multi-level settings (i.e. in arrangements with more than one level of governance and representation) is a challenge of extraordinary importance for the discipline. This book is an original Czech contribution to the study of multi-level electoral behaviour and electoral party competition in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. It respects the spatial articulation of political systems and endeavours to properly consider both the horizontal (intra-level) and vertical (inter-level) links and characteristics of  electoral and party phenomena and processes. Unlike the traditional, rigid perspective, in which it was not possible to imagine multi-level systems otherwise than as strictly hierarchical arrangements, the authors employ an open approach to the complexes of electoral levels, one that allows a fresh view on the relationships and interactions of the electoral and party processes and phenomena.

The key characteristics of the book include its effort to innovate the conceptual apparatus and emphasis on impartiality and open-mindedness of the scholarly perspective applied. The book wishes to be understood as a constitutive contribution to an extensive and dynamically evolving topic.